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secret weddings in Budapest

Wedding city – February 2019

Elopement Weddings are still a thing- and oh yes! What s the appeal of a secret wedding escape? Modern age millennial couples are more and more following a conscious lifestyle and are seeking more practical arrangements without the traditional price tag associated with weddings. After all, travel to a popular city destination like Budapest and have your honeymoon celebration too all in one. No need to worry about wedding invitation and the chaos of organising such a huge event. Intimate weddings are so much popular nowadays that Budapest has been getting in the league for boutique establishment and grand castles with private functions to cater for this boom. Hungary is still affordable and offers venues with a romantic charm and character in idyllic settings. But even if its a modern and luxurious set up you seeking in a five star hotel, whatever the budget you get it all! Couples can have their wedding set up conveniently with different packages available to them. Whether it is a winter wonderland wedding or a classical wedding with all the fuss, Budapest is one of the hot cities right now!  So what are you waiting for?


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Solo travellers to budapest

Why travel solo – December 2018

Travelling alone is a world wide phenomenon and a huge trend right now. It is much easier to travel alone or with a group of other solo travellers. Like some of us we don’t want to wait around for the ideal travel partner so we set off and arrange our own plan and go for that perfect holiday you have been longing for. Solo travelling doesn’t have to be lonely! Quite the contrary. Nowadays there are so many tour companies that tailor packages especially for singles and even specialising in female only travellers. Thus there is plenty to do and many opportunities to make new friends. Afterall there are no compromises and no need to agree on travel goals and activities. Sometimes.  Don’t forget that you might just feel a huge sense of achievement like climbing that huge mountain on your own or learning how to scuba dive. You can even have your personal photographer accompany you on your adventure and capture those exciting moments of your holiday. Conclusion; you can have loads of fun and relaxation on your Eat, Pray Love mystical adventure!



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Autumn photography

Autumn inspiration Budapest – October 2018

Just because its getting colder and yes significantly colder, it doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful high quality photographs. It just means that you have to dress warm and bear the colder moments and still look unposed and cozy in your vacation photos. The autumn months have their own beauty and meaning. With all the leaves falling and changing colour from green to different hues of browns and yellow has its own significance within the four seasons of European weather. The skies are more dramatic thus adds a lot of drama to your photographs and shows off more character. Choose your locations wisely and look for more prominent facades such as castles, old buildings and bridges. For engagements and couples photos those elements will frame your photos and add the drama that you want as they will look aged like a good bottle of Whiskey and heavy. In Budapest, there are so many historical facades and great backdrops to express your photography and add charisma to your holiday photos that makes everyone full of envy. Remember to adjust your highlights and shadows to show the bold skyline over Chain Bridge or Liberty Bridge or Arpad Hid, whichever bridges you fancy most in the cosmopolitan inner of Budapest. 


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Budapest love affair

a PROPER Marriage PROPOSAL- July 2018

Why is the city of Budapest a popular spot for lovers and romanticists alike? There are just simple so many fun things to do in around the Budapest. There are several great venues to strike your surprise proposal and take your sweetheart on a secret journey to ancient castles, churches and courtyards.  Your choices are in abundance, because whatever your personality or travelling style, you have infinite choices for venues and locations. It is easy to get around the city and many venues are within walking distance or a short metro ride away. With lots of sunny days from Spring to Autumn even in winter time, you can explore the city till late evenings with lots of bars and cafes open till dawn. I would highly recommend to book a personal photographer who can take you on a private tour and show you the best spots to ask one of the most important questions of your life. The vacation and couple photographer can advise you on the finer details and accompany you and your partner in secret and wait for the right moment to take those memorable candid photographs of your engagement.  Then celebrate your engagement  in style with a glamorous Danube river boat ride or a  stylish rooftop dinner overlooking Buda Hills with a bottle of hungarian fine champagne. Maybe you will plan your wedding in Hungary and come back to this exciting city once again.