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The first question that always comes to mind when planning an engagement is how much I should spend on a ring. Rule of thumb generally speaking they say about 2 or 3 months of your income.  Diamond rings are not an essential part of a marriage or a wedding. Flashy and extravagant rings are not always the preferred choice of brides but a gentleman buys the best ring they can afford, so really what more can you ask for?

Who knew, the most popular times to buy an engagement ring is between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New’ Year’s as well as Valentine’s day of course. If you are in a close relationship you can still get engaged without a ring. The classical shapes of typical engagement rings vary but most often the solitaire, so that is a single stone signifies and expresses an engagement in the best way. A solitaire stone ring definitely cannot be mistaken for a fashion or a friendship ring. Other popular shapes for stones are princess, oval, pearl, emerald, and the heart shapes. There are many symbols of love and romance and is really an individual preference. There are also many modern takes on an engagement ring, so creativity speaks! Whether simple or fancy or understated a ring represents your commitment and love for each other.You might want to consider a heart shaped proposal ring which is particular sought-after during Valentine’s Day, if you have the 14 th February in mind.

Just a few other tips to take into consideration, when you buy the ring is always a winner if you present the ring in the jewellery box. Just adds a nice finishing touch and will impress your lady guaranteed. You can never make a mistake if you have a bunch of roses as well or any other flowers for that matter. But very importantly incorporate a professional Budapest engagement and couple photographer to capture your moment of joy. If possible it is also a fantastic idea to involve any friends and family for this special occasion. The sound of romantic music can make all the difference and set the mood for the day . Perhaps plan a live artist or a violinist that can accompany you and make it a real magical moment. Choose a special and significant song or melody that you both like and has a significant meaning.

Location, Location and Location dont forget! I recommend picking a location that represents that something,  or has a special meaning for the both of you. Popular locations could be the place where you first met, a tropical beach setting with white sands or an overseas trip to a famous location such as Budapest Fisherman’s Bastion or the Liberty and Chain Bridges are very popular choices of foreigners coming to Hungary to get engaged and pop the big question.  If you fancy going big fireworks are also an option. Sky is the limit, that reminds me of a hot air baloon adventure to pop the big question.

Consult me on the engagement and surprise marriage proposal packages for ideas and budget options! Book me as your preferred budapest photographer to help you make this long awaited day dazzle and shine with wonderful photographs and bonus video of your engagement! 

Engagement ring budapest

engagement ring

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