A romantic sunset Boat adventure in Budapest

Remembering just the other Friday night I was invited by my client Victor to join him on this beautiful adventure boat cruise to photograph and video graph his secret marriage proposal to his long time love. I had arrived a little earlier to scout out the location and do some test photos. Eagerly awaiting the couple… thus, was equally excited to meet them and get the party started! After all it’s not every day you get invited along for a sunset cruise ride on a perfect summer evening.

There she was the beautiful and mesmerizing Karolina, and she did not disappoint! Everything was planned a few weeks ahead before Karolina and Victor’s arrival to Budapest. The boat was set with crisp chilled champagne and decorated with some nice evening lighting to enhance the ambiance. The captain propelled us forward into the sunset on the magical calm waters of the Danube river passing Margaret Island, The Margrit Hid, then onto the majestic Parliament building. Further gliding into the sunset and early evening of this beautiful summer day, admiring the Castle and Church Matthias on the foot of the Hill I was taking a lot of photos and preparing the mini video with their song of choice.  Karoline had no idea of course and she was caught in the element of surprise and there she was glowing in the sunset and being adored by her boyfriend and be gifted with an elegantly designed white gold engagement ring! We enjoyed the rest of the one hour trip, taking lots of photos and capturing those once in a lifetime memories which you will remember forever! The stylish boat was especially booked just for the two of them for a romantic occasion and definitely perfect for just for couples. I believe if you are getting engaged go the extra mile and make it even that much more special and memorable. You can easily do that with a few thoughtful ideas that do not cost a fortune, such as a bunch of flowers, a nice local Hungarian champagne, a beautiful box of chocolates or even a surprise photo album documenting your love journey so far. Quirky or extravagant whatever your style, I can help you make the best of your secret engagement abroad. Victor had been eagerly awaiting this moment and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been this gorgeous couple’s engagement photographer and videographer for the evening. Such beautiful memories to treasure!

I can only highly recommend this romantic night-time boat ride in Budapest if you are looking for that something special and to enjoy in a private and friendly atmosphere. Check out Portum lines at Dock 42 Port and make your next booking! Don’t forget to invite me along!

Certainly, a fantastic night to remember! Take a look at some of the best moments of this exciting marriage proposal!