Hungary, Siofok Lake Balaton

Siofok a Balaton adventure in Hungary

First time I had travelled to Siofok just over two weeks ago. After the lock down this was a well deserved trip and you certainly appreciate being outdoors surrounded by the calm waters of the Balaton lake.

Like many other lake side towns, Siofok holds true for its reputation of a family friendly town with a vibrant scene of bars and restaurants. Siofok is not only for nightlife enthusiast but also for nature fans who prefer the less busier parts of this town. You can observe many wind surfers and smaller boats further out in the waters enjoying perfect weather and wind conditions. What fascinated me was the endless turquoise waters and far ashore the mountainous and green vineyards of the South. With many activities for the entire family.. you will definitely enjoy a long weekend of even a few days. Plenty of walks and an endless promenade with direct access to the water.

The gigantic ferries wheel offers a great panoramic view of Siofok and its neighbouring towns and in fact you can see almost the borders of the lake further away. I certainly had that tropical feel of the view and the water, like I wasn’t even in Hungary but perhaps somewhere near an exotic seaside location. Then the fauna was quite amazing.. and then there is some bird life to be observed. Hungary exhibits a rich bird life with many types of birds that like to make their habitat on the shores of Lake Balaton.  Such as the grey Haron is one of the famous all year resident. Wildlife is abundant and in autumn more exotic species can be observed and even otters have been seen but a rare sight. Of course, many ducks and swans live on the waters and are used to the visitors treating them with snacks. These majestic large birds are one of my favourite to photograph, they are simply majestic and so elegant how they navigate their way in the waters. Enjoy my photos of Siofok and hope you can discover this holiday town soon!