Wedding Day Kiss


Here is a little review of Zsofia and Gabor’s recent wedding in Kecskemet, Hungary. About a good 1h drive from Budapest. The wedding ceremony was strategically planned on their 10 years anniversary of being together. Their exciting love affair flourished while still at school and eventually the young couple thought to tie the knot and not wait any longer! Their gorgeous baby daughter accompanied the intimate wedding with the closest relatives and family members. The day was cold and even colder at night, so outdoor photo shoot was not really possible unfortunately. But nevertheless we all had a good time with lots of foods and plenty of cake and Palinka of course ( Hungarian schnapps to be consumed before a meal)! The beautiful Zsofia looked like a fairy and with an vintage inspired theme the decorations and the venue reflected the understated elegance and youthfulness of the occasion. Was really nice to see all the dancing going on and everyone so excited to party on the Dancefloor and let loose! The cake was absolutely gorgeously decorated with a rich orange and chocolate filling. After all the stiff group photographs that usually happens at a wedding, everyone was relieved to show their dance moves and let go of the tie and jackets. Always a joyous occasion for me as photographer and videographer to be part of any wedding, small or big where ever it takes.. I am still a big romantic at heart. Happy to take the photographs and the mini video at this intimate wedding in Hungary! Wish the happy couple a very happy life together filled with joy, new adventures and the best in life! 

Here are some of the highlights of their special day!

Wedding Venue Hungary

Wedding Day Kissparos fotozasgyűrűzés leánykérésesküvő helyszín Kecskemetházassági gyűrűkesküvői fotósesküvői fotós Kecskemet

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