Solo traveler Budapest

Why travel solo  Travelling alone is a world wide phenomenon and a huge trend right now. It is much easier to travel alone or with a group of other solo travelers. Like some of us we don’t want to wait around for the ideal travel partner so we set off

Autumn inspiration Budapest  Just because it’s getting colder and yes significantly colder, it doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful high quality photographs. It just means that you have to dress warm and bear the colder moments and still look unposed and cozy in your vacation photos. The autumn months have

Vajdahunyad Var

a bright city with castles and museums As a Budapest Photographer, I can always say how mesmerized I am with the cities castles, museums and antiquities. The landlocked city is studded with architectural landmarks and bridges.Hungary has an eclectic mix of art works. Ranging from Medieval art, also with Baroque

Szentendre Town

Szentendre an arty farty outing Szentendre is one of the most charming towns of Hungary. I especially enjoy the weekend outings to Szentendre, as you will not be disappointed in any way. There is a lot to do and loads to photograph and attractions to see. If you love little

budapest marriage engagement

a Surprise Marriage PROPOSAL Why is the city of Budapest a popular spot for lovers and romanticists alike? There are just simple so many fun things to do in around the Budapest. There are several great venues to strike your marriage surprise proposal and take your sweetheart on a secret