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I was always an enthusiastic photographer even as child. I had my first camera at about the age of eleven.  A keen collector of fashion images from magazines, ever since had a keen eye for detail and picture composition. Until much much later have I had the courage to pursue my hidden talent, going from a hobby photographer to more professional. My background is in digital marketing after graduating with a psychology and sociology degree, growing up in Germany and South Africa, later living in Malta. After extensive globetrotting, decided to go back to my roots and live in Budapest where I was born. That’s why you will see many photographs taken in Budapest, Hungary. However today I am shaping my life and doing what I absolutely love in Cape Town.

There is nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a beautiful photograph come to life. Love to explore different styles of wedding & couple photography as well as professional engagement photographs and surprise marriage proposals. It is important for me to produce high quality images that are authentic works of art. Every photo shoot for me is fascinating, as I imagine a creative vision and the outcome I like to achieve, that is best suited for the location, style and personality of the couple. The equipment I prefer is all Canon and my images are sometimes edited depending on personal preference but don’t use exaggerated effects.  It is refreshing to meet so many interesting people and to be able to capture their unique memories and the most candid expressions. I believe in providing the best possible experience for my clients, and always going the extra mile with pride and joy. 

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