Szentendre Town

Szentendre an arty farty outing

Szentendre is one of the most charming towns of Hungary. I especially enjoy the weekend outings to Szentendre, as you will not be disappointed in any way. There is a lot to do and loads to photograph and attractions to see. If you love little quaint souvenir shops, churches and little decorated and colourful houses from the olden days, you will love the charm and magic of Szentendre. This village dates back to the 17th century of Serb and German settlers and earlier, with such mosaic of art work. This town is famous for artists, poets, painters and intellectuals. This old settlement stands for a rich visual art history and home to famous and peculiar galleries. Ceramics are still made today and you can visit a few showrooms where you can view old traditions and craftsmanship.Today it has a flourishing tourist centre with people coming to visit the Cobblestone streets from all over the world. Having a few good restaurants and coffee shops and bars, you are really spoiled for choice for a continental feel. Further out of Szentendre you can visit Skanzen another very famous museum with windmills, perfect for the entire family young and old. This outdoor museum exhibits folk living and architecture with real houses, farming tools, tractors, and original clothing and style maintained and preserved from the 18th century. You can even have your family photos taken with traditional folk outfits that represented the traditional and typical way of life. With regular tours and interactive experiences,  life still stands still at Skanzen. Experience the hungarian heritage and step back from modernisation as we know it today. 
Szentendre art village

Szentendre arty town

Szentendre Photo ShootSzentendre townSzentendre town square

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