blouberg beach, tableview

Overall, Blouberg Beach is a great place to visit for its stunning views, variety of activities, beautiful scenery, and family-friendly atmosphere. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting place to spend your day, Blouberg Beach is a great option.

Here are some additional interesting facts about Blouberg Beach:

The name Bloubergstrand means “blue mountain beach” in Afrikaans.
The beach is located in the Blouberg Nature Reserve, which is a protected area of land.
The beach is home to a variety of plant and animal life, including dolphins, whales, and seals.
Blouberg Beach is a popular spot for kite surfing and windsurfing.
The beach is also a popular spot for whale watching, especially during the winter months.

Hopefully now you are inspired to check out Blouberg Beach as your very own surprise proposal spot! 



Panoramic view of Chain Bridge
Winter moods in budapest

Even Winter time is an ideal season to visit Budapest. The mood is amazing during the winter months and you can still enjoy a lot of sightseeing activities.


Panoramic view of Chain Bridgewinter in budapestvárkert bazár

evening lights budapest

parliament budapest


lillafüred Palota
A great adventure out in the land of Lillafüred

Summers are wonderful in Hungary out in Miskolc, Lillafured.. A great adventure away from Lake Balaton and just as nice.

I can only highly recommend to visit Lillufured and its surrounding areas for a green adventure of boating, hiking, steam train adventure and even a segway tour! This tucked away little place has a lot to offer but most of all tranquility and fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of popular lakes of Balaton and the busy streets of Budapest. The beautiful Lake and waterfall make this hilly countryside the main attraction. The abundance of trees and small and tall is really visible here as the nature is truly untouched where time stood still. As we visited a beautiful old palace a converted castle from the 18th century baroque style. This accomodation did not disappoint and stood the test of time. The decor was regal and elegant which made you feel you were in a period movie scene. The staff was very courteous and the food was contemporary hungarian style with delicious local wines as well. The hotel palace boosts a spa as well as a beautiful garden and outside courtyard with magnificent views and ambience that is unique. 

A great weekend getaway adventure, just enough time to rest and explore the surroundings without being in a hurry. This is a place I can definitely revisit again. Well I think the photographs speak for themselves!

lillafüred Palotalillafüred gyermekvasutHámori-tó - Lillafüred

miskolci Gyermekvasút

Lillafüredi HotelHunguest Hotel Palace


A romantic sunset Boat adventure in Budapest

Remembering just the other Friday night I was invited by my client Victor to join him on this beautiful adventure boat cruise to photograph and video graph his secret marriage proposal to his long time love. I had arrived a little earlier to scout out the location and do some test photos. Eagerly awaiting the couple… thus, was equally excited to meet them and get the party started! After all it’s not every day you get invited along for a sunset cruise ride on a perfect summer evening.

There she was the beautiful and mesmerizing Karolina, and she did not disappoint! Everything was planned a few weeks ahead before Karolina and Victor’s arrival to Budapest. The boat was set with crisp chilled champagne and decorated with some nice evening lighting to enhance the ambiance. The captain propelled us forward into the sunset on the magical calm waters of the Danube river passing Margaret Island, The Margrit Hid, then onto the majestic Parliament building. Further gliding into the sunset and early evening of this beautiful summer day, admiring the Castle and Church Matthias on the foot of the Hill I was taking a lot of photos and preparing the mini video with their song of choice.  Karoline had no idea of course and she was caught in the element of surprise and there she was glowing in the sunset and being adored by her boyfriend and be gifted with an elegantly designed white gold engagement ring! We enjoyed the rest of the one hour trip, taking lots of photos and capturing those once in a lifetime memories which you will remember forever! The stylish boat was especially booked just for the two of them for a romantic occasion and definitely perfect for just for couples. I believe if you are getting engaged go the extra mile and make it even that much more special and memorable. You can easily do that with a few thoughtful ideas that do not cost a fortune, such as a bunch of flowers, a nice local Hungarian champagne, a beautiful box of chocolates or even a surprise photo album documenting your love journey so far. Quirky or extravagant whatever your style, I can help you make the best of your secret engagement abroad. Victor had been eagerly awaiting this moment and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been this gorgeous couple’s engagement photographer and videographer for the evening. Such beautiful memories to treasure!

I can only highly recommend this romantic night-time boat ride in Budapest if you are looking for that something special and to enjoy in a private and friendly atmosphere. Check out Portum lines at Dock 42 Port and make your next booking! Don’t forget to invite me along!

Certainly, a fantastic night to remember! Take a look at some of the best moments of this exciting marriage proposal!

Hungary, Siofok Lake Balaton

Siofok a Balaton adventure in Hungary

First time I had travelled to Siofok just over two weeks ago. After the lock down this was a well deserved trip and you certainly appreciate being outdoors surrounded by the calm waters of the Balaton lake.

Like many other lake side towns, Siofok holds true for its reputation of a family friendly town with a vibrant scene of bars and restaurants. Siofok is not only for nightlife enthusiast but also for nature fans who prefer the less busier parts of this town. You can observe many wind surfers and smaller boats further out in the waters enjoying perfect weather and wind conditions. What fascinated me was the endless turquoise waters and far ashore the mountainous and green vineyards of the South. With many activities for the entire family.. you will definitely enjoy a long weekend of even a few days. Plenty of walks and an endless promenade with direct access to the water.

The gigantic ferries wheel offers a great panoramic view of Siofok and its neighbouring towns and in fact you can see almost the borders of the lake further away. I certainly had that tropical feel of the view and the water, like I wasn’t even in Hungary but perhaps somewhere near an exotic seaside location. Then the fauna was quite amazing.. and then there is some bird life to be observed. Hungary exhibits a rich bird life with many types of birds that like to make their habitat on the shores of Lake Balaton.  Such as the grey Haron is one of the famous all year resident. Wildlife is abundant and in autumn more exotic species can be observed and even otters have been seen but a rare sight. Of course, many ducks and swans live on the waters and are used to the visitors treating them with snacks. These majestic large birds are one of my favourite to photograph, they are simply majestic and so elegant how they navigate their way in the waters. Enjoy my photos of Siofok and hope you can discover this holiday town soon!

Wedding Day Kiss


Here is a little review of Zsofia and Gabor’s recent wedding in Kecskemet, Hungary. About a good 1h drive from Budapest. The wedding ceremony was strategically planned on their 10 years anniversary of being together. Their exciting love affair flourished while still at school and eventually the young couple thought to tie the knot and not wait any longer! Their gorgeous baby daughter accompanied the intimate wedding with the closest relatives and family members. The day was cold and even colder at night, so outdoor photo shoot was not really possible unfortunately. But nevertheless we all had a good time with lots of foods and plenty of cake and Palinka of course ( Hungarian schnapps to be consumed before a meal)! The beautiful Zsofia looked like a fairy and with an vintage inspired theme the decorations and the venue reflected the understated elegance and youthfulness of the occasion. Was really nice to see all the dancing going on and everyone so excited to party on the Dancefloor and let loose! The cake was absolutely gorgeously decorated with a rich orange and chocolate filling. After all the stiff group photographs that usually happens at a wedding, everyone was relieved to show their dance moves and let go of the tie and jackets. Always a joyous occasion for me as photographer and videographer to be part of any wedding, small or big where ever it takes.. I am still a big romantic at heart. Happy to take the photographs and the mini video at this intimate wedding in Hungary! Wish the happy couple a very happy life together filled with joy, new adventures and the best in life! 

Here are some of the highlights of their special day!

Wedding Venue Hungary

Wedding Day Kissparos fotozasgyűrűzés leánykérésesküvő helyszín Kecskemetházassági gyűrűkesküvői fotósesküvői fotós Kecskemet

New York Cafe couples photo

THERE ARE SOME MANY PLACES TO VISIT IN BUDAPEST FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! I think Budapest, Hungary is one of the most romantic cities to explore with your lover on Valentine’s day during the month of February. Here is a list of important places to see on your trip to this fabulous European city.  Here is my top three favourite places to visit and photograph!

  1. Fisherman’s Bastion and Buda Castle Hill . In Hungarian halászbástya & budai vár! A very romantic place to visit as this castle has amazing architecture wind winding cobblestone streets and something new to see on every corner, whether its a new statue or a interesting and magnificent building or facade. The Fisherman’s Bastion attracts to many lovers as is the top three places to propose in Budapest. The turrets and terraces are simply gorgeous and regal, transports you to an era long gone. The castle is majestic and grand with so much to see. You must be prepared for longer walks and spend at least half a day to see everything. Definitely bring along your camera, as there is plenty to photograph. No wonder this is a heaven for Instagram lovers and photographer enthusiasts.
  2. New York Cafe Budapest – this cafe has been named the most beautiful cafe ‘s in the world. This does hold true for romanticists and fashionistas as well as as artists and lovers of glamour and fabulous!  Originally built apparently in the year of 1894, featuring a eclectic Italian Renaissance-style this venue is surely to impress your companion whatever the expectations  may be! A lovely venue to enjoy a cup of tea and cake or a glass of sparkling wine and a bite to eat! You need to make prior reservations as is always very busy!  Keep this venue in mind especially if it is a surprise and you wish to sweep your girlfriend off her feet! For further details take a look at their website:
  3. Parisi Udvar – Parisian Passage or sometimes knows as ~ Paris Court~. A little bit upscale and aimed at a more mature audience, but nevertheless still ultra stylish and heavenly lavish. This cafe hosts a luxury hotel as well as a bistro and cafe and an art gallery as well. Upscale decor that is sophisticated and eclectic architecture and beautiful ultra tall mosaic ceiling and artwork that is not seen anywhere else. The style is a signature of Neo Gothic mixed with Art Nouveau taste that creates this interesting feeling.  I would recommend this venue as a must see on your visit to Budapest. Suitable for a celebration, just a quick stroll or a romantic candlelight champagne or wine evening with your partner. Don’t miss it! 

Valentine's Roses