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THERE ARE SOME MANY PLACES TO VISIT IN BUDAPEST FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! I think Budapest, Hungary is one of the most romantic cities to explore with your lover on Valentine’s day during the month of February. Here is a list of important places to see on your trip to this fabulous European city.  Here is my top three favourite places to visit and photograph!

  1. Fisherman’s Bastion and Buda Castle Hill . In Hungarian halászbástya & budai vár! A very romantic place to visit as this castle has amazing architecture wind winding cobblestone streets and something new to see on every corner, whether its a new statue or a interesting and magnificent building or facade. The Fisherman’s Bastion attracts to many lovers as is the top three places to propose in Budapest. The turrets and terraces are simply gorgeous and regal, transports you to an era long gone. The castle is majestic and grand with so much to see. You must be prepared for longer walks and spend at least half a day to see everything. Definitely bring along your camera, as there is plenty to photograph. No wonder this is a heaven for Instagram lovers and photographer enthusiasts.
  2. New York Cafe Budapest – this cafe has been named the most beautiful cafe ‘s in the world. This does hold true for romanticists and fashionistas as well as as artists and lovers of glamour and fabulous!  Originally built apparently in the year of 1894, featuring a eclectic Italian Renaissance-style this venue is surely to impress your companion whatever the expectations  may be! A lovely venue to enjoy a cup of tea and cake or a glass of sparkling wine and a bite to eat! You need to make prior reservations as is always very busy!  Keep this venue in mind especially if it is a surprise and you wish to sweep your girlfriend off her feet! For further details take a look at their website:
  3. Parisi Udvar – Parisian Passage or sometimes knows as ~ Paris Court~. A little bit upscale and aimed at a more mature audience, but nevertheless still ultra stylish and heavenly lavish. This cafe hosts a luxury hotel as well as a bistro and cafe and an art gallery as well. Upscale decor that is sophisticated and eclectic architecture and beautiful ultra tall mosaic ceiling and artwork that is not seen anywhere else. The style is a signature of Neo Gothic mixed with Art Nouveau taste that creates this interesting feeling.  I would recommend this venue as a must see on your visit to Budapest. Suitable for a celebration, just a quick stroll or a romantic candlelight champagne or wine evening with your partner. Don’t miss it! 

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