Amsterdam Flower Market

Colourful Amsterdam

When I travel for fun or professionally or sometimes both, I always take my camera with. Every photographer has to take their professional camera kit with, even for a city stroll. There is just so much to admire in Amsterdam, so you cannot afford not to take advantage of these amazing photographic opportunities. Amsterdam what a lively and colourful city full of charming and quaint buildings, lots of charming river canals and boats in all shapes and sizes. A photographers dream to be able to capture all that rusty beauty and excitement of this dutch capital. The canals make this vibey city a true feast for the eyes and the camera too. The flowers are always the most beautiful as there are so many variants of tulips with exotic hues of every shade you can imagine. Photographing flowers is always a wonderful experience. Then there are the bicycles which are just as interesting if not more , the piles of bicycles and stacks of locks are quite bizarre and nowhere else in the world do you see bicycles of this magnitude in one place. The dutch are quite quirky and proud of their bikes. Every bike might seem the same but really different. That’s where details come into place, and which photographer doesn’t like to experiment with detail? Well you can never have enough bicycle photos to take with you, they are somewhat a window to the person’s soul who owns them. The list of most popular items to photographs in Amsterdam just goes on .. you don’t know where to look and what to capture. But if you are  a fan of the waters, well then there are plenty of canals , each has their own unique signature look despite the fact of many similarities. The water edges are defined by boathouse of all shapes and sizes, very romantic and nostalgic. A trip back in the past, with lot of meaning and charm. Just photographing bouthouses can be quite amusing and inspiring..  Check out some of my personal photographs, unfortunately I cannot show them all but these are some of my favourites that sum up my little city break and get away.

Central Canals

Boats on the canal

Bicycle parking AmsterdamBlack bicycle amsterdamBridges of AmsterdamBoathouses Amsterdam