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You found the love of your life and now it’s time to pop the big question! Choose your location carefully, to make your proposal exciting and memorable. Usually the location is a reflection of how strong your love is and how happy you are on this journey together. Some grooms chose the place where they had their first date as the perfect spot for a surprise marriage proposal. Perhaps it could be also the most romantic place that you can think of . If you are all about travelling and discovering interesting new places, then maybe Budapest is the right choice! Popping the question in an unforgettable destination like this city is a sure way to seal the deal and come home with beautiful photographs as a souvenir to be cherished for life. The main and obvious choice to propose is the Fisherman’s Bastion, that forms part of the Buda Castle District on top of the hill. Fisherman’s Bastion or as is knows to the locals “halászbástya” is truly a princess style mini castle with white domes from the Gothic and Neo Romanesque era situated next to magnificent and majestic Matthias Church.  Finding a little private spot can be a bit tricky as this place is very popular amongst the tourists, however if you come early mornings or late afternoon and early evenings you can get lucky. Plus during these hours we can get the best lighting for the photographs. Lucky the Buda Castle offers so many charming streets, little fountains, marble statues, hidden away gardens worth discovering. To photograph your own proposal is risky and not really recommended. What if you don’t get the photos or the angles right and your cherished photographs come out all blurry? Its better to invest a little more time and effort into the planning and importantly chose a skilled photographer who will accommodate your special request and pays attention to details. So one thing less to worry about, when you are already so nervous and excited. An attentive and professional photographer can also help you pick the right spot, the right moment and also help you with accessorizing your special moment with flowers, champagne to add a bit more glamor and romance to the surprise proposal. Its always a good idea to have the photographer follow you around in disguise and take a few photos before during and after. Having a good few professional photographs after the proposal is a must! The photographer will assist you with how to pose, capturing candid moments. After all you will be in the best mood so that will show on your pictures! Other noteworthy spots around Budapest to get engaged at are the City Park, or “Varosliget”, Normafa if you are a nature enthusiast or then perhaps in front of the St Stephen’s Basilica. 
Couple surprise proposal Budapest

Fishermans Bastion engagement

engagement at Fishermans Bastion

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A family friendly holiday

A dream destination Budapest is not just for the romantics and adventurers but also very well suited for the entire family. Apart from going on a vacation photo shoot with me to the Buda Castle and surrounding sightseeing areas, like Daniella and her gorgeous family did, there is still lots to discover.  A family photo shoot is not just for keepsakes and for framing pictures but gives kids plenty of quality time with the siblings and parents. Going on an adventure in a new city doesn’t happen every day. The excitement level is high, new activities to do and plenty to see and that’s not just for the parents. Mom and Dad’s like the boring stuff like museums and museums oh and more old buildings and paintings and statues to look at. Quite the contrary, Budapest has a few great parks to visit with lots of green spaces and you can even hire bicycles at most of them. Budapest also hosts a friendly Zoo and animal sanctuaries for foxes, deers, wild boars as well as wolves and bears .  Those are called “Vadaspark” and you can already access these with a few minutes drives on the outskirts of the city. The vadaspark often has a petting zoo incorporated where kids can interact with the animals and learn about their habitat and how they live in the wilderness of Hungary. There is even a chairlift that is suitable for slightly older kids, that can be great fun in summer or in winter. Other interesting activities for the whole family is going on a day cruise on the Danube River, watching all the activities on the river and all the fascinating boats that visit the city can be lots of fun for kids and very entertaining. 

Budapest Travel Family Photographer

Vacation Photographer Budapest

Budapest holiday photographer