Autumn inspiration Budapest 

Just because it’s getting colder and yes significantly colder, it doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful high quality photographs. It just means that you have to dress warm and bear the colder moments and still look unposed and cozy in your vacation photos. The autumn months have their own beauty and meaning. With all the leaves falling and changing colour from green to different hues of browns and yellow has its own significance within the four seasons of European weather. The skies are more dramatic thus adds a lot of drama to your photographs and shows off more character. Choose your locations wisely and look for more prominent facades such as castles, old buildings and bridges. For engagements and couples photos  in Budapest those elements will frame your photos and add the drama that you want as they will look aged like a good bottle of Whiskey and heavy. In this amazing city there are so many historical facades and great backdrops to express your photography and add charisma to your holiday photos that makes everyone full of envy. Remember to adjust your highlights and shadows to show the bold skyline over Chain Bridge or Liberty Bridge or Arpad Hid, whichever bridges you fancy most in the cosmopolitan inner of Budapest. Budapest Fishermans Bastion

Varkert Bazar

dramatic skyline Buda

Budapest Portrait